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Did you know, statistics show that between 100,000 to 200,000 animals die each year during animal testing? I'm sure you will agree this act is cruel to animals. Most of the time, people do not know that the products they use are tested on animals. Many also do not realize what animals go through during this testing process.


With a quick Google search, you will be able to find the devastating effects of animal testing. Although this is upsetting, it is good to be aware of it. And the good news is, we can help put a stop to this! Every one of us can do their part in changing the world. One way we can do this is by not buying or using products that are tested on animals.


The truth is, companies can test their products with cruelty-free methods that don't hurt animals. Testing on animals is entirely unnecessary. Most companies, however, decide not to use these methods.


A lot of producers prefer using animals because they believe it is cheaper. Research has now shown that there are many ways to test products without involving animals, which are faster and less expensive. Before you go through the checkout with your next skincare, health, or make-up products, think about these reasons why you should choose cruelty-free.


Eliminate Animal Cruelty

Animals like mice, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs are used for animal testing. These animals are subjected to harsh treatment by isolating them in cages and exposing them to cruel experiments. Some of them die during this rigorous process, and some spend a lot of time suffering.


It would put your mind at ease, knowing that the products you are using were made without subjecting any animal to cruelty. You will also discourage companies who produce using cruel animal testing methods if you stop using them. If everyone started doing this, producers would get the hint and be forced to change their practices.


It Is Safer For You

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it must be taken care of. When choosing a skincare product, it is essential to consider what will best keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Some of the ingredients in cruel products contain harmful chemicals to the skin.


Cruelty-free products are generally known to use safer and simple ingredients than those who test on animals. It cares for the health of all living things, which includes not only the animals but you too!


Animal Testing Can Be Avoided

People have a general notion that ingredients used for cruelty-free products are hard to find. This is just not true! Thousands of already proven ingredients can be used for cruelty-free products.


Companies who want to use new ingredients are not also left out as there are various non-animal testing methods today they can explore. So, there's no need to keep on subjecting the animals to product testing.


Numerous Cruelty-free Brands To Choose From

The number of companies switching to cruelty-free testing methods is increasing daily. This transition has brought about a positive impact on the quality of these products. There are numerous high-quality products you can choose from based on your skin type.


Different formulas have been formulated to suit different skin types. So when you go shopping, find the best cruelty-free products that work your skin.


It Is Safer For The Environment

Brands that test on animals make use of toxic chemicals. These chemicals make their way back into the environment, which causes pollution. Labs that test on animals produce carbon emissions and vast wastes that contribute to global warming.


Encouraging cruelty-free products is helpful both to living things and the environment. You can help preserve the planet by buying cruelty-free.


At Naturalrem, we are proud to say that ALL of our products are cruelty-free! If you want highly effective products for your skin that you can have a clear conscience about using, go to the product section of our website and take a look.

At Naturalrem, we hate compromise. So should you. Avoiding certain ingredients and demanding outstanding formulas shouldn’t mean sacrificing in other areas – and we know lots of you feel this way too. 

That’s why our entire range is products are proudly vegan and not tested on animals.  

The reason why we ensure none of our formulators, facilities or sources of products test on animals is very simple. Testing on animals is cruel and it hurts animals. Our core beliefs at Naturalrem is that hurting animals and subjecting animals to torture is very wrong, and we will never enable this behavior.  


All ingredients we use meet the highest standards (EU GMP). All our products are natural, and our formulations are science based. Our focus on using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, partnered with our cutting edge, science-based formulations provide our product line with an elegance and effectiveness beyond compare. 


We have an increase in enquiries from vegans looking for suitable organic skincare. 


To ensure your products are all animal-friendly, look out for the following when scanning your ingredient lists. You will not find any of the following ingredients in any of Naturalrem’s products.  



All Naturalrem products are completely free from beeswax – which is somewhat unusual in the natural beauty realm. 

We don’t just leave out beeswax for the savvy vegan shoppers, we also leave it out because it’s not great for the skin. 

Beeswax is considered an animal ‘by-product’ due to it being the honeycomb created by busy bees. It is commonly used in natural cosmetics as an emulsifier or thickener – an ingredient that ensures the water and oil ingredients of a cream bind together. 

Beeswax also forms the basis of most balms, which create a protective barrier on top of the skin. Even though beeswax is a great natural ingredient, it is not absorbed well by the skin and can make face creams feel cloying and leave behind greasy residues. Because it can’t properly absorb into the epidermis, it can also suffocate sensitive skin and block pores. 

For these reasons, we ensure there is no place for beeswax in our products. 



Lanolin is an oily residue from lamb’s wool that is used in a lot of mainstream hair and skincare products for its moisturizing and emulsifying qualities.  

To keep true to our Vegan commitment, we do not use lanolin on our products. We use superior, vegan sourced alternatives. 



Vitamin A is great for the skin but it’s important to note that it exists in two forms. Retinol is the animal-derived form and can be found in products such as anti-wrinkle and eye creams.  

Naturalrem derives its Vitamin A and Retinol only from the best natural, non-animal sources. 


Lactic Acid 

This can be found in animal tissue and can be derived from milk. Lactic Acid is often used in exfoliators and even skin peels and can work well as a line and scar reducer. It is also used as a pH regulator.  

Naturalrem uses plant-derived lactic acid extracted from vegetables. 

All natural, highly effective is in our name, which means our product contain: 

  • No parabens 
  • No animal products 
  • No synthetic chemicals 
  • No inferior or low-quality ingredients. 

When looking for the best Vegan skincare products, look for Naturalrem. 


When you hear the word “acid”, it sounds scary and doesn’t seem like something you want to put on your face or body. No need to worry, as Hyaluronic acid does not burn. In fact, research has shown that Hyaluronic acid is one of the best skincare ingredients out there. 


Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid To My Skin 


Whether you are 90 or 20 years old, HA found in Natural REM’s all-natural skincare products will provide your skin with a lot of benefits. Here are the top 7 ways Natural REM’s Hyaluronic Acid products can be of benefit to your skin. 


  1. Hydration

Hyaluronic acid penetrates your skin to provide all the layers of your skin with the required amount of moisture. This moisture keeps skin plump, hydrated, and youthful in appearance. 


  1. Humectant

Humectants generally attract water by allowing hydrogen bonding. Hyaluronic acids act as humectants. They draw in moisture from the surroundings. This action allows for lasting hydration to the skin. 


  1. Lipid Barrier Enhancement

The major function of our skin is to protect our bodies. Aside from protecting our internal organs, bones, and muscles from the external environment, the skin also protects our body from harmful toxins that we come in contact with daily. 


As we age, the natural hyaluronic acid level in our body reduces exposing our skin to harmful toxins which could result in wrinkles, drier skin, dark spots, rough, and lined skin. Using the artificially synthesized hyaluronic acid help even out this effect by increasing the skin's resilience to these harmful toxins and pollutants. 


  1. Tighter Skin Tone

As we age, the elastin in our skin wears out causing the skin to lose its snap or ability to bounce back. Hyaluronic acid would not replace your elastin. However, it would improve the appearance of the tightness of your skin. It firms the facial contours giving that youthful appearance. 


  1. Smoother Texture

Hyaluronic acid smoothens the skin’s texture giving your skin a smooth feel and bright glow. Your skin gets to feel smoother because hyaluronic acid helps reduce wrinkles and other spots. It also helps your skin retain more water which will make it look and feel supple. 


  1. Fewer Wrinkles

Using Hyaluronic acid for your skin helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines by retaining moisture on the skin. When the skin is well hydrated, it leads to increased cell production which results in plumper and smoother skin cells. 


  1. Pigmentation and Clarity

When used with other products that contain vitamin c booster and vitamin c serum, Hyaluronic acid can help prevent or reduce age spots, dark spots, and pigmentation issues. Hyaluronic acid also helps prevent excess oil production which causes breakouts by clogging the pores. 


Other Health Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid 


Aside from being very beneficial to the skin, Hyaluronic acid also offers a lot of health benefits. Some of these benefits are: 


  • It speeds up wound healing. Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in the healing of wounds. It helps the wound to heal faster by sending signals to the body to build additional blood vessels in the affected areas.
  • It relieves joint pains. Hyaluronic acid can help relieve you of joint pains by keeping your bones lubricated. When your joints are well lubricated, they are unlikely to grind against each other, thereby eliminating uncomfortable pain. 
  • It reduces symptoms of acid reflux. 
  • It relieves dry eye symptoms and discomfort. 

Conclusion and Product Features 


Natural REM’s Vitamin C + HA skincare cream is formulated to meet the needs of all skin types. 

These unique ultra-light skin renewal formulations restore the skin’s moisture balance, firming, hydrating and revitalizing the skin. 

Our serums contain 2X - 4X the nutraceutical potency of our creams and contain additional therapeutic oils. 

Order one of Natural REM’s cream or serums containing hyaluronic acid today for more supple and radiant skin. 


It is quite unusual for men to talk about skincare or any other procedure relating to it. Although there are several myths aimed at explaining this phenomenon, information from dermatologists has shown that men possess a special type of skin which ages more slowly. Further information gathered from research reveals that men's skin contains a higher concentration of elastin and collagen, thus making it thicker and firmer (usually about 25% thicker than women’s skin).

Why is skincare important to men?

Generally speaking, men's skin was designed to endure more assault from conditions that will naturally deform the female skin. It is less prone to signs of aging and exhibits a less acidic pH hence the reason why most men neglect skincare. Here are a few factors why skin care is important to men.
a. Men possess larger pores that can clog easily
Skincare products like creams and lotions can help to keep the pores clear from items that can clog them. A healthy and functional pore translates into a better excretion, temperature control. These clogged pores can be prevented and controlled by using a cleanser and limit the use of greasy moisturizers and serums.
b. High levels of androgen
Androgen is known as the male hormone, and it plays a significant role in how our skin responds to a skincare product. The high levels of androgen possess in the body typically leaves the skin oilier.
c. Dry skins due to aging
Aging tends to affect the concentration of hormones and their activities. There is a general decline in the concentration of testosterone levels as men age; thus, predisposing the male's skin to drier conditions.
d. High risk of developing skin related diseases
Men have a general tendency to develop skin-related conditions such as melanoma. This is a common skin-related condition common with men above 50 years. It is a type of cancer that develops from melanocytes (the pigment-containing cells). The disease condition is manifested in the skin.
Constant shaving can also irritate the skin hence the need for a good skincare product to provide support for the skin cells.

How can men take care of their skin?

Taking care of the male skin can be achieved by following the recommendations stated below
a. Wash the face at least twice daily: since men's skin possesses larger pores, they are predisposed to cases of blocked pores than female skin hence the need to develop a regular face washing routine with a good mild face wash. This will take care of the excess oil, thus keeping the pores open.
b. Exfoliate: exfoliation tends to remove blackheads or whiteheads by shedding off that layer of the skin and replacing it with smoother and healthier skin.
c. Moisturize: this can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and leave your skin soft and oiled. Moisturizers also contribute to your general skin glow and loosen the skin cells.


Skincare is not gendered selective as men can also enjoy a good skin condition. You can contact our team of experts for further recommendations on how to take the perfect care of your skin. We will love to hear from you soon.


The human skin is the first line of defence against toxins and pathogenic microorganisms. It serves important purposes in keeping our internal organs safe while making sure we are protected from the harsh nature of UV radiation and pollution. The continued exposure to these processes may end up reducing the concentration of chemicals like hyaluronic acid in the skin, thus giving way to dry skin, inflammations and other skin-related diseases. When this happens, we turn over to skincare products for refuge.

It will interest you to note that women use an average of 168 chemicals on their body through skin care regimen daily. The application of these chemicals is expected to keep the skin healthy as they face their daily activities. Although some of these synthetic chemicals may prove effective in taking care of skin-related issues it is pertinent to note that they are toxic to the skin and may be carcinogenic hence the need to rely on natural ingredients for relief.

Some of the benefits of using natural health skincare products include but are not limited to the following;

a. Highly safe and reliable
Most of the natural skin care products are formulated from naturally occurring chemicals with little to no side effects. Most of the raw materials or ingredients are found naturally in the skin; thus they only supplement their natural supply rather than introducing a strange chemical with potential carcinogenic properties.
b. It keeps your mind at rest
With natural skin care products, no need to worry about the extra chemical or its effect on your body since it is naturally present in different concentration and applying the skin care product is only supplementing them.
c. Possess some health benefits
The use of natural health skincare products offers your skin with a vast array of health benefits including hydration, wound healing, reduce inflammation, pain relief and reduced wrinkle formation. Applying these products to your skin keeps it as healthy as possible without any adverse side effect.
d. They are gentler on the skin
Natural health skincare products are soft on the skin. They are not harsh, nor do they damage skin cells. Direct application of chemicals does not only damage your skin but may affect the immune system, nervous and reproductive system. Their harsh nature leaves the damages the skin while offering short term results.
e. Healthier environment
Synthetic skin care products can serve as potential pollutants. These chemicals are not biodegradable and may find their ways into rivers where they increase the concentration of pollutants.


At Naturalrem, we pride ourselves in the production of 100% plant-based skincare products with no parabens, animal products or synthetic chemicals. All our products are manufactured under the right laboratory and environmental condition to formulate the best natural skincare product that keeps your skin healthier with no sign of side effects or toxic reactions.
Contact our team of experts if you have any questions on Naturalrem skincare products or visit our product page for information on our products. We will love to hear from you.

Skincare is often on people’s minds and many tend to get confused with all the products on the market. It can be hard to know where to begin or what is needed for our skin.


Times have changed. Both men and women are more conscious of how they look and what impression they give. Getting into a good skincare routine won’t happen overnight. It takes effort, and trial & error. Some products will work better than others for your skin.


With that said, here are a few basic skin care tips that will have your skin thanking you with a glow in no time:



Drink plenty of water.


The body contains 60% water but sometimes we become dehydrated and it shows on our skin. Dehydration can make your skin itchy, dull and show more fine lines and surface wrinkles.

Water helps with:

  • Reducing wrinkles & puffiness
  • Faster healing
  • Improving complexion
  • Slowing down ageing


All in all, increasing your water uptake will always have positive results for your body, especially your skin.


Do the pinch test!

Lightly pinch a small portion of your skin around your cheek, if your skin does not bounce back after you let it go, you might be dehydrated.



Check your diet.


What you consume is reflected on the outside. Eating certain foods will eventually lead to skin breakouts and conditions. Foods rich in sugar may lead to acne breakouts and premature ageing.


Reducing the intake of salt, sugar and dairy products will have your skin thanking you with evenness, fewer breakouts and a clearer complexion in time.



Get enough sleep.


Lack of sleep will not only reflect on your productivity but will also show on your skin. When you do not get enough sleep, inflammation levels are higher. Inflammation contributes to outbreaks of acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin allergies. Lack of sleep also contributes to puffy bags and dark circles under the eyes.


Develop a skincare routine.


It can be tempting to try out a few things at the same time to see which works best. However, it is in your skin’s best interests to stick to one product at a time. Research shows that it takes up to 21 days to see noticeable changes when you start using a new product. Develop a system that involves using the same products daily. Whatever you choose, give it time and be consistent.


Wash your face twice a day.


Dermatologists advise using gentle cleansers, lukewarm water, and using your fingertips to apply the cleanser. Wash your face both when waking up and before going to bed. It is advised to never go to bed wearing makeup. Washing your face in the morning not only helps you wake up but gets rid of excess oils that your body released during the night. Additionally, washing your face in the evening helps to remove sweat and toxins you might have experienced during your daytime activities.


We at NaturalREM recommend using skincare products that are natural and safe for your skin along with these other skincare tips. At NaturalREM we provide the ultimate in luxurious all-natural skincare and health and wellness products. We have a team of leading researchers and formulators from around the world whose philosophy is to use only the highest quality nutraceutical, herbal and cannabinoid-based ingredients in all our products - and this attention to detail shows. 




Your skin is the most visible part of your body. Therefore, skincare is as important as the care for the internal organs of the body. There are several products available for skincare today.

Without adequate knowledge of what works for your skin, you will end up doing more harm than good to your skin. Everyone has a unique skin type. However, there are specific characteristics common to most skin types by which we can group skin types.


You want to start a proper skincare routine, and you are wondering, 'what is my skin type?' We will help you answer that question by examining the primary skin types.


The Basic Skin Types

There are three basic skin types, and each skin type has a unique characterization. Let's look into these skin types and their characteristics.

1. Dry Skin

A person with dry skin feels like the face is tight sometimes with visible flaking. Genetics, lifestyle and diet, climate, and hormonal changes are the primary causes of dry skin. You could also have dry skin due to dehydration.


Dry skin could be a result of a lack of oil or water (as in the case of dehydration). You can easily maintain this skin type by using the appropriate skincare products. You can get natural moisturizers (which contain hyaluronic acid, marine actives, and glycerin) that will help your skin feel better.


2. Normal Skin

Normal skin is also called combination skin. This skin type experiences dryness on the cheeks, but not on the T-zone. The T-zone is the area across the forehead and the line down the nose. This skin type hardly has breakouts on their cheeks.

You should use moisturizers with a gel-like structure for this type of skin. This type of moisturizer gets absorbed quickly and won't cause breakouts on your skin. You should also ensure you do not use too much moisturizer.

3. Oily Skin

Oily skin tends to have excess oil everywhere. The advantage of this excess oil is that your skin looks younger and soft. However, your skin pores will quickly get clogged or congested.

It would help if you used a natural gentle exfoliator that doesn't contain abrasives. You still need to moisturize your skin but with oil-free moisturizers. Also, make sure you do not over wash your face as your pores would secrete more oil to compensate.


How Do I Know My Skin Type?


Now, you know the basic skin types, but are you still unable to figure out under which category your skin falls? You can take this simple test to find out.


Get a blotting paper. Pat the paper on all the parts of your face. Hold the blotting sheet against the light. The amount of oil picked up by the paper will help you know your skin type.


If there is little to no oil on the paper, your skin is most likely dry. If the paper is full of oil, that indicates an oily skin. When you notice oil on only the forehead and nose area of the part, you have a normal skin type.

Knowing your skin type is very important as it helps you use the right products that will make your skin work for you. Natural products are best for any skin type. Call us now for advice on the best natural moisturizers, masks, and lotions for your skin type.

You have to go outside at some point in time either for sports, work, or fun. While all these activities are excellent, you need to protect your skin. It takes only about 15 minutes for the sun to damage your skin.


Therefore, it is essential to protect your skin.


Let’s look at five things you should do to keep your skin safe from the ultraviolent Ray’s of the sun.


1. Get An Umbrella


During the peak hours of the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm, you should avoid the sun. However, if you have to be outdoors, you should try to stay under an umbrella.


If you are on the beach, stay under your umbrella. You can also set up a shade under a tree or a shelter on the beach.


2. Wear The Right Clothing


Dark, long-sleeved clothing will help protect your skin from the sun. You can also get UV protection from tightly woven fabrics. There are also certain specialty clothes manufactured to provide UV protection. 


If wearing long-sleeved clothes is not practical, you should try to wear a t-shirt or beach cover-up at least. A t-shirt will provide less than 15 SPF so, use it along with other protections.


Try to keep your clothes dry as wet clothing does not protect from the sun. If you are swimming, bring dry clothes to change into when done.


3. Cover Your Head


A hat or cap will protect your face and neck from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Use a hat with a wide brim that will cover your face, neck, and ears. 


It would be best if you also avoided hats with holes that sun rays penetrate. When you use a baseball cap, you need to layer on extra protection for your neck and ears as the cap won’t protect those parts. 


4. Use Sunglasses


Sunglasses help protect your eyes and prevent the development of cataracts. The tender skin around your eyes gets to stay out of the sun, and you also see better with sunglasses.


Ensure you get sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. These sunglasses are the best. You call also get wrap-around sunglasses as they will prevent sun rays from penetrating at the sides. 


5. Put On Sunscreen 


While sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun, only a few people use it. A recent study shows that only 14% of men and 30% of women in America regularly apply sunscreen.


Sunscreen has properties that help protect your skin from sun rays. It can be a lotion or a spray-on. You can gauge the effectiveness of your sunscreen by the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). If the SPF number is high, you get more protection.


Sunscreen is vital. So, we have provided you with some tips to note when using or buying sunscreen.


Some Important Information About Sunscreen


When you buy sunscreen, ensure it is broad-spectrum. Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB radiation.


Some of the things you need to note are;

  • It would help if you always used sunscreen with a rating of SPF 15 or more. Some moisturizers and lotion contain this amount. You can get them to stay protected.
  • Water-resistant sunscreen will keep you protected even when you are in the water.
  • If your sunscreen does not have an expiration date, you should change it after three years.
  • Sunscreen wears off. Ensure you reapply after two hours, especially after swimming, bathing, or sweating. 




Sunscreen is vital to keeping your skin protected from the sun. Try to find a natural sunscreen that is good for your skin and safe for the environment. 



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