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You have a cabinet full of skincare products. But every morning and night, you don’t know which one to reach for first. You might be thinking, “It probably doesn’t even matter what order I apply my products in!”


Well, it does matter!


According to Dr. Heather Rogers, a board-certified dermatologist, the order in which you apply your products DOES matter. Applying products in the right order ensures you get the most out of each product.


Your skin is designed to keep things out of your body. This means your skincare products only work when they can penetrate the surface layer of skin. You need a strategy to get them past that barrier, which is exactly what we’ve outlined for you below.

The Proper Order for Skincare Product Application

The overall rule for applying your skincare products is to start with the thinnest product then move to the thickest, i.e. from liquid to cream. However, you have to be careful because there are certain products (like your antioxidant serum) that should still go first, regardless of their thickness, because they need to penetrate the skin.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to take out all your products and start checking their consistencies.

We’ve saved you the trouble and have outlined a simple day and night skincare routine for applying your products below.

Start with a Cleanser

Start your daily routine with our gentle foaming cleanser. Naturalrem’s coconut-based formula will open your skin to receive all the other products.

Use a Toner (or not!)

Your favourite toner should come next. Note that toners are not mandatory. If you don’t use a toner and have perfect skin health, you don’t need to start now. Toners just help to restore your skin’s natural pH levels after the effects of harsh creams or soaps.

Apply an Antioxidant Serum

Serums address specific skin concerns from inflammation to sun damage. You are likely using either our Ultra-Moisturizing Serum or our Vitamin C + HA serum. Whichever one you choose; you will get a 100%-natural treatment that will protect and nourish your skin.

Use an Eye Cream

Eye creams help keep wrinkles and crow’s feet away. You will want to put it on early in your routine. When choosing an eye cream, go for the ones with SPF.

Add the Acne Treatment

For maximum effects, acne treatments need to get as deep inside your skin as possible. Apply our Acne Cream, infused with CBD and other natural extracts. It absorbs quickly so you won’t have to wait long to apply your next product.

Always Use a Moisturizer

Whether you have oily or dry skin, you always need moisturizer. It hydrates and protects your skin from the pollutants outside. Your skin will love our Ultra-moisturizing serum and cream infused with the therapeutic properties of CBD. Ultra-Moisturizing Serum is double the strength of the cream and includes additional therapeutic oils.. You might want to avoid applying moisturizer on the areas you applied the acne cream to ensure maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Apply Sunscreen

End your routine with your favourite sunscreen and you’re good to go! However, you might want to go with physical or mineral sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens need to get directly absorbed into your skin to be effective, and moisturizer would prevent that. So go for the physical sunscreens with zinc.

You would want to repeat these steps for your nighttime routine as well, but you can leave out the sunscreen!


Whether you are using our Ultra Moisturizing serum or our Anti-Wrinkle cream with Retinol, this is the best time to get the most out of the treatment. Your skin repairs itself at night so applying these products before bed helps you maximize their effects.

Now that you have a skincare routine and a strategy, no need to worry about which product goes when!

However, note that everyone’s skin is different. This routine is a general guide, but you should always pay attention to your skin and give it what it needs at different points in time. There may be days where you only need to cleanse, moisturize, and sleep. Other days, your skin may need all of the treatments.

You can also consult a dermatologist if you do not know what works best for your skin.

Our products also contain ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM for rapid absorption, and Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple Stem Cells. These ingredients can help give skin the tools to protect itself, offering immense anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. The boost of antioxidants and amino acids (building blocks of protein) boost collagen production and help keep skin radiant and youthful. 

In addition to our shelf ready retail products, we offer white-labeling, wholesale, and bulk options with competitive pricing, healthy profit margins, and support from our marketing and product experts.  We can even work with you to create custom formulations.

If you are ready to know more, let's talk soon. Email us for our most current catalog and pricing. If you would like to schedule a call reach out to our team at:


1(800) 501-0853

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to find out what we can do for you.


We have shifted to a time where more and more people are becoming educated on health and wellness issues. The health and wellness industry has seen continued growth in market share in recent years. Therefore, one could assume that any health and wellness store whether it be online or a physical store, would find it easy to make sales.

This is not always the case. In fact, many health and wellness stores struggle to capture the attention of their target audience effectively enough to sell to them.

Where does the problem lie?

The problem is many health and wellness stores either don't have the right products to stand out, or the know-how to market their products effectively, let alone know how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

So how exactly does your health and wellness business stand out from the others?

There are many marketing strategies, tips, and tricks that would help get your store in the limelight and encourage people to buy from you.

However, you cannot sustain sales unless you have the right products at the best prices to offer in your store. They need to be high quality products that also offer your business healthy margins.

Communicating why your products are different and better than your competitors is also an important part of the equation.

But before you can even communicate all of this to them, the first thing you need to start with is having a product that will speak for itself and allow you to capture the attention of your buyers.

That’s why at Naturalrem, we have had our products carefully crafted by our wellness experts to meet the health and wellness needs of even the pickiest customers. Our 100% natural, gluten-free, GMO-free, cruelty-free products are safe and effective!

Take the time to familiarize yourself with our products. You will begin to see just how much our products stand out from our competitors in terms of quality, value, and effectiveness. The products simply speak for themselves and this is exactly what you want to avoid missing out on leveraging this advantage for your store!

To maximize your profit margins, we have focused our pricing structure and business model around what you need to succeed.

We have bulk, wholesale, and white-labeling options for a health and wellness businesses like yours. You can choose what quantity you need, and we will give you a price that will maximize your profit margins.

With white-labeling, you can even make the product yours with your own branding and desired name on the packaging, ask us how.

Talk to one of our representatives today! You can reach us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1 800 490 0378. We can also send you a digital brochure with more information on our products. 


For centuries upon centuries, people have used natural substances to treat sickness and build immunity. Modern science and the introduction of drugs has swept some of these practices under the carpet. Is there a need to go back to this ancient art of using natural substances for health and wellness?

Some may argue that natural products are risky to use given that you might not know the composition of their ingredients. However, others argue that our forefathers have used natural substances for years without issues.

Most wellness experts would agree that it IS important to include natural substances in our eating and skincare routine. After all, health is wealth! It is a part of our lives that we should not gamble with.

What are the benefits of using all-natural health and wellness products? Can you trust these products? Can you sell them to your customers?

We have provided answers to these questions below.

4 Benefits of All-Natural Health and Wellness Products

Many have joined the all-natural way of life, and you may have been wondering whether you should too. Let’s examine the benefits of using natural products over synthetic chemical-based ones.

  1. Little to Zero Side Effects

Natural health products usually do not carry with it the side effects of most synthetic products. You can avoid irritation, allergies, and other side effects by using natural alternatives. Natural products don’t contain the toxic substances found in their synthetic counterparts, hence why side effects are extremely rare.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

It is essential to take care of the environment as it plays a role in our health and wellness. The ingredients in natural health products are initially part of the environment. Therefore, natural health products don’t damage the ecosystem as chemical-based products do.

  1. Contains Antioxidants

Antioxidants build up the immune system. They can help you heal faster as they combat harmful antibodies and stress. Natural products are rich in antioxidants that can get absorbed through the skin. Read more about the ingredients in our products here.

  1. It can be Affordable

Expensive is not always better and cheap is not always low quality. Natural health products are usually more affordable than the alternative, depending on the brand. Today, there are several affordable natural health and wellness brands.

Yes, natural health products have some incredible benefits. However, modern science still has its place, and that’s why you can’t help but love our all-natural products. Our lead formulator combines modern science and art of nature in formulating all our products.

You can find a complete list of our new health and wellness line on our website!

What We Offer

Do you want to sell our products and make some real money? We deal in bulk and wholesales to stores, and you can also get white labelling on our products. We can accommodate any level of demand. Our prices are fair, and you will turn a good profit. We also provide marketing support!

All you have to do is reach out to us today! Call us at 1-800-490-0378 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introducing Our All-Natural Spa Collection

In line with our commitment to your overall health and wellness, we are happy to introduce our all-natural spa collection. These products were carefully researched and tested using our cutting edge technology. Naturalrem wants you to enjoy a wholesome yet natural spa day.

We have close to four decades of experience researching and manufacturing all-natural and effective products for your skin. Skin doctors have weighed in on the efficacy of our products.

Dr. Novins, a leading expert in Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy, praised our products for their collagen matrix stimulation activities. Dr. Braun, a respected cosmetic rejuvenation physician, praised our addition of retinol to our products.

We are dedicated to serving you better through the innovation of products to rejuvenate your skin. Our latest additions are to our growing brands are;

Our Salt Scrub

Our all-natural salt scrub is formulated from a blend of salts. This all-natural salt is fortified with Hemp extract so that you can reap the tremendous benefits hemp has on the skin. Our salt scrub gently removes the dead skin cells on the surface, leaving the vibrant newly formed cells on the surface of your skin.

The hemp soothes your skin, prevents inflammation, and relieves pain. Our naturally formulated salts do not contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin or cause complications.

Our Foot And Body Mask

Our mask will detoxify and hydrate your skin from inside out, leave your skin soft and supple. Foot and body mask removes the extra oil in our skin and improves pores’ appearance on the body. Our product is fortified with hemp to soothe and pamper your body and foot.

Our Massage Oil

Do you crave a massage? Do you desire the luxurious smell and silky feel of a quality massage oil? Naturalrem has the right product for you. Our massage oil was carefully concocted by our team of experts dedicated to wellness and health using natural and healthy products.

This massage oil contains hemp oil to soak your worries and pains away. The hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you feel calm, reduce pain, and promote relaxation. 

Our Bath Soak

The bath soak is all-natural with no chemical contaminants. The hemp extract in the oil makes it a perfect recipe. We can boast of the effectiveness of this soak anywhere. Try it today!

Our Apricot Scrub

Face scrubbing can easily change things for the better, especially if you have dull, dry, or an oily complexion Removing the dead skin cells that have built up on our skin will leave our complexion looking brighter and feeling smoother.

Our spa line was formulated to impress, while staying all-natural & cruelty-free!  

We offer white-labelling, wholesale, and bulk options. Although we do offer our products to the public, we also provide products to Spas, Skin Clinics, & stores. Not only will you and your clients fall in LOVE with these products, but you will also be thrilled when you see the competitive prices we can offer you.  

You can contact us at 1(800)490-0378 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, we would be happy to share our brochure of products with you. 

You probably already know that NaturalREM has the best all-natural, cruelty-free, skincare, wellness & pet products. But did you know that you can start your own business with NaturalREM? Yes, we can give you that kick start you have been looking for and help you start your own business!

Starting a skincare & wellness business on your own can be daunting with all the marketing, sourcing of ingredients, figuring out formulations and where to create them, and other factors that need to be figured out. In the skincare industry, it is essential to get the products right if you want to succeed in business. People pay for results, so you need to give them the absolute best!

However, when you consider the resources needed and the testing you would have to do to get the right product, you might be tempted to give up. You don’t have to give up just yet, though.

Have you ever heard of white-labelling, or sometimes referred to as private-labeling? NaturalREM offers this option to people who want to start a skincare and wellness business and make money without starting from square one.  

Are you eager to learn how we can help you achieve your business dreams? We have provided all the details you need below, and we are always here when you have additional questions.

White-Labelling with NaturalREM to Make Money

White-labelling is a type of service that allows you to get your already made products from another company, and then have the right to attach your brand’s name to the product. The products will be sent to you in packages that make it impossible for customers to guess where the products were made. You can attach your logos and labels to it, making it your own. 

You can also order the product in bulk, and then transfer it into containers of your choice and then put your label on it.

This opportunity allows you to cut through the stress of creating and designing a new product and get straight to branding and selling your product. NaturalREM has the laboratory, equipment, and ingredients needed to get your business going. We have also done years of research to learn what ingredients & combinations work. We also assist with the marketing side of things to help you be successful. 

The problem with white-labelling services is that some companies do not offer competitive rates, this affects the price at which you can sell. NaturalREM offers competitive rates that will allow you to make a healthy margin on your products. 

At NaturalREM, our white-label & bulk products are sold at competitive prices. We understand the retail market, and we set the price of the bulk & white-label at one where you can conveniently sell and profit from your business.

Our products are effective and even used by doctors with their patients, your customers will love it!

Are you ready to take the bold step and use our white-labelling service or bulk options to start your business and make money? All you have to do is contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 1 800 490 0378!

Reach out today, we are here to help you succeed.

Why Your Spa Needs Naturalrem Products

There is a lot of buzz about going all-natural in this generation. But it is unlike previous generations where that was the everyday norm. In this day and age, we have a lot to do to get all-natural products. As a spa owner, you might wonder what this means for you.

Several products are disguised as 100% natural but contain toxic ingredients. You don’t want to use these products on your customers skin during treatments, especially if you run an all-natural spa. It could be damaging to your spa’s reputation.

You will not even want to stock toxic products if you want the absolute best for your customers! But where do you find those products that are genuinely 100% natural as they claim? Well, you don’t have to look too far! They are right here. We work with many spas in North America to deliver high quality, all-natural products that are effective.

Naturalrem produces 100% natural products that will benefit your brand as a spa and your customer’s skin. Let’s take an in-depth look at it, shall we? We have highlighted all the benefits of having Naturalrem products on your shelf and in your treatments.

Benefits of Using Our 100% Natural Products

  • Truly Effective, All-Natural Treatment

There are many natural product companies out there. However, you hardly get natural products that are not only all-natural, but also effective. Naturalrem products hit the benchmark with all ingredients meeting EU GMP highest standards.

All our products have no parabens, no synthetic chemicals, no GMOs, and no animal products. We only use the finest quality ingredients for our products to work effectively on any skin type. You can boast of the effectiveness of your treatments with our products in the mix. Visit our website to view our ingredient profiles.

  • Science-Based Cruelty-Free Products

Some people believe that natural means the exclusion of science. We believe the opposite as our team combines the ancient wisdom of nature and herbs with science’s modern knowledge. We, however, do not go about it the way other skincare companies do.

All of our products are cruelty-free. We do not test our products on animals. Our production process is guilt-free, and you can assure your customers of the same. And, with our science-based testing, your customers still get innovative products proven to work.

  • The OPA Life Breakthrough

We are offering you the opportunity to give your customers exclusivity! How? Our OPA Life ingredient is one of our science-based, natural breakthroughs. It is an edible organic antibacterial preservative.

Instead of the chemical preservative that most ‘organic’ products use, our team created this unique ingredient. It not only preserves our natural ingredients but also heals your skin and removes bacteria. OPA Life can only be found in our products. Don’t let your clients hear about it elsewhere!

  • Give the Best – Keep Them Coming

It is a basic rule - customers naturally flock to the business that provides the best service. Once they see the products’ effectiveness on their skin, they will keep coming back for more and even tell others. Word spreads fast!

Our luxurious products are also affordable. So, you won’t have any problems selling out in no time. We are confident that your customers will see and feel the difference when they have Naturalrem products on their skin.

  • Make More Money

When you buy from us in bulk for your spa, you will also get discounts that help you to make good profits from your sales. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Interested in offering our products in your store or spa?
Let’s connect today to discuss how NaturalREM can help your spa or store stand out! You will love our competitive prices.
You can reach us by phone or email:  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
1 800 490 0378

We all have different skin types. What works for one person might not necessarily work for you. We begin to wonder if people who have great skin have certain things they do in common. 

Studies have proven that most people with great skin have similar everyday habits and skincare routines. With this knowledge, you can also imitate these habits for similar results.  

Do you want to know these habits? Just keep reading!

Habit 1: They Sleep Up to 8 Hours 

You remember all that talk about ‘beauty sleep’ and how you thought it was nonsense. Well, there is truth to it! It was not famous for no reason. At least eight to seven hours of sleep is needed for your body to carry out some essential processes. Blood flows to all parts of your body, and your skin gets the rest it needs. 

According to a 2010 study in Sweden, researchers found that participants looked more attractive after eight hours of sleep than their sleep-deprived look. Lack of sleep also contributes to having bags under your eyes. Great skin goes beyond the right products! If you want that natural glow, ensure you get the prerequisite hours of shut-eye.  

Habit 2: They Work Out Regularly 

Exercise does more than help you maintain a trim body. Apart from the health benefits, a good workout can also help your skin. People with great skin always get a few hours of exercise weekly.  

How does working out help your skin, though? When you exercise, you sweat. This sweat opens up your pores, cleaning out pimples, causing bacteria and toxins. Working out also increases the circulation of blood through your body, thereby revitalizing your skin cells with an oxygen boost.  

Don’t neglect the place of a good shower after your workout. It will help you wash off the dead skin cells and germs, which can clog your pores.  

Habit 3: They Eat Healthy Foods 

You are what you eat. There are certain types of food that people with great skin eat, and there are foods they avoid. Antioxidant-rich foods like oranges, vegetables, berries, and the likes are common in their meals. 

Excess sugar is a no-no in their diet. Sugary foods lead to a cortisol increase through glycosylation, where sugars weaken your collagen. Beautiful skin is born from inside out.  

You can follow the example of healthy people and eat more balanced meals, rich in healthy fats, greens, omega 3s, antioxidants, and vitamin C.  

Habit 4: They Hydrate and Protect Their Skin from the Sun 

Sun rays cause a lot of damage to the skin. One of the consistent habits of people with great skin is their religious dedication to sunscreen. Whether it be a cloudy or sunny day, you should wear SPF before you step out. 

The water content of your skin also plays a massive role in its glow and health. Therefore, it is the habit of people with flawless skin to drink lots of water and moisturize regularly (with the right moisturizer). Moisturizers help prevent the loss of water from your skin through the top layers. Our moisturizing cream restores your skin and helps you seal in moisture to keep your skin glowing.   

Habit 5: They Cleanse Their Skin Every Night 

People with glowing skin never end the day without washing their face. It is not only the sun that can damage the skin. The microbes and dirt that your skin gathers during the day can hurt your skin. Your makeup, oil, and other impurities can also clog your pores. 

Always take the time to cleanse your face every night before you sleep and every morning after you wake. Our foaming coconut cleanser contains non-abrasive cleansing agents, OPA Life, and essential oils. It will help you remove all impurities and give your skin a healthy glow. 

Conclusion (And One Extra Tip!) 

Flawless skin is attainable. All you have to do is have the right habits. If you can emulate these habits, you will begin to see changes in your skin. Ready to know the extra tip?

There is one thing everyone with flawless skin does – they use the right products! Our 100% natural products will help protect your skin and give you that glow and healthy look you seek.  

Give our products a try and see for yourself!


Have you seen the phrase ‘GMO-Free’ recently on products? While it has become a buzzword, not many people understand what GMOs actually are.

You might not be in this category, though. You probably understand what the term means and its implications when it comes to food. However, you might not know why you need to avoid them in your skincare products.

What are GMOs? How do they get into skincare products? Should you avoid them when choosing skincare products? All these questions are answered in this article so keep reading! By the time you are finished, you will know all you need to about GMOs and skincare.


What are GMOs?

GMOs stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It means an organism whose genetic makeup has been engineered to give it characteristics that it does not typically have. This engineering is usually done by taking genes from one organism and putting it in another.

While this alteration has been done to plants, animals, and microorganisms, you hear more about GMO foods. More than 60% of the foods in supermarkets have GMOs in them, according to the Center for Food Safety.

These modified crops grow faster, resist pests, and ensure high yields. Commonly altered food items are corn, soybeans, papaya, and squash. Over 90% of the corn in the United States are genetically modified.

Despite the benefits of using these GMOs, several people have expressed concern that the ‘unnatural’ foods can have long-term adverse effects. So, you learned to avoid them in your diet by eating organic and growing your food, but what about your skincare products.


Are GMOs in Skincare Products?

You might be wondering what GMOs have to do with skincare since GMOs usually concern food. However, the truth is that a lot of your skincare products contain these plants.

There are several common ingredients in cosmetic products that are GMO-toxic. Some of them are;

  • Corn Starch
  • Vegetable Protein
  • Glycerin
  • Soy and Canola oils
  • Alcohol

These ingredients are only a selection of the common elements in skincare products. The truth is GMOs are practically everywhere. Since it can seem almost impossible to avoid them, you might be wondering whether you should try at all.


Should I Avoid GMOs in my Skincare Products?

Yes, it would be best if you avoided GMOs. Though there has not been any conclusive research on the effects that these organisms can have, it is best to eliminate the use. You will be saving your skin from a lot of potential trouble.

One of the best ways to do so is to grow your skincare ingredients yourself. However, that route may not be a possibility these days. Even when you do, you might not know if the seeds have been altered unless you have the facilities to test it.

So, what do you do to avoid GMOs in your skincare products?

What you need to do is simple. Shop for products that are labelled GMO-Free. While GMO-labelling is compulsory in Europe, it is not enforced in the USA.

You don’t have to go searching for green products, though. Naturalrem has you covered. All products by NaturalRem are GMO-Free.

If you know anything about looking for the best in natural skincare products, you will also be glad to know that Naturalrem products are Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free. Our 100% natural products are the effective yet clean products you need.

Buy some Naturalrem products today and go GMO-Free!



GMO Free

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