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Stem cell therapy is all the rage in recent times. With numerous proven and unknown benefits, everyone wants to partake in stem cell therapy.
However, most people do not understand the benefits of plant stem cell therapy. Most famous of which is apple stem cells.

Questions like 'How would apple stem cells help my skin?’ are quite common. Let’s quickly look into how apple stem cells work to help your skin and why you should use it for your skin.


Why Use Apple Stem Cells?


Stem Cells in humans are unlike other cells of the body. These cells can change into more specialized cells in the human body. They replace worn, lost, or damaged cells like red blood cells.

While stem cells can also multiply and divide, as we get older they become less effective. The new stem cells do not work as well in replacing damaged cells. Stem cell therapy involves the donation of new stem cells to replace aged cells and speed up repair and growth.

So, why use plant stem cells instead of stem cells donated from another human being? Research has proven that stem cells from the callus of a plant can produce similar effects. The stem cells in a plant's callus are blank.

These cells haven’t been programmed into any specific plant cell. You might want to ask why apples are used since these stem cells are in all plants. The Uttwiller Spatlauber apple lasts longer than other variants. Researchers discovered that it was because its' stem cells last longer than any other plant.

That is how apple stem cells came about.

Benefits of Apple Stem Cells For The Skin


Studies into apple stem cells uncovered that its application on the skin can work wonders. Some of the benefits of using apple stem cells in a lotion or cream on your skin include;



1. Wrinkle Reducing

Apple stem cells stimulate the growth of new cells and help repair damaged cells. It also defends the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which causes wrinkles. While the apple stem cells help reduce the wrinkles by repairing damaged cells, it also helps prevents more from forming.


2. Glowing Skin


Apple stem cell creams give your skin a healthy glow. It does not make your skin greasy, oily, or sticky. You can also use it with your makeup as it does not react to any powder.


3. Even Toning


Most epidemic skin creams work on the surface of your skin. Therefore, these creams can make your skin tone uneven. Apple stem cells work on your skin cells. The stem cells hydrate your skin cells, cleanse toxins, and produce new cells. The rejuvenation works on all areas of the skin causing an even tone.


4. Skin Hydration


While you can use various types of cosmetics to keep your skin hydrated, the natural method is safer. Apple stem cells are a natural method for skin moisturizing. It is safer than using cosmetics and produces better effects.


Now I am sure you can understand why NaturalREM uses apple stem cells in some of our products. You can visit our website to learn more about the ingredients we use in our products and why.

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