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We all have different skin types. What works for one person might not necessarily work for you. We begin to wonder if people who have great skin have certain things they do in common. 

Studies have proven that most people with great skin have similar everyday habits and skincare routines. With this knowledge, you can also imitate these habits for similar results.  

Do you want to know these habits? Just keep reading!

Habit 1: They Sleep Up to 8 Hours 

You remember all that talk about ‘beauty sleep’ and how you thought it was nonsense. Well, there is truth to it! It was not famous for no reason. At least eight to seven hours of sleep is needed for your body to carry out some essential processes. Blood flows to all parts of your body, and your skin gets the rest it needs. 

According to a 2010 study in Sweden, researchers found that participants looked more attractive after eight hours of sleep than their sleep-deprived look. Lack of sleep also contributes to having bags under your eyes. Great skin goes beyond the right products! If you want that natural glow, ensure you get the prerequisite hours of shut-eye.  

Habit 2: They Work Out Regularly 

Exercise does more than help you maintain a trim body. Apart from the health benefits, a good workout can also help your skin. People with great skin always get a few hours of exercise weekly.  

How does working out help your skin, though? When you exercise, you sweat. This sweat opens up your pores, cleaning out pimples, causing bacteria and toxins. Working out also increases the circulation of blood through your body, thereby revitalizing your skin cells with an oxygen boost.  

Don’t neglect the place of a good shower after your workout. It will help you wash off the dead skin cells and germs, which can clog your pores.  

Habit 3: They Eat Healthy Foods 

You are what you eat. There are certain types of food that people with great skin eat, and there are foods they avoid. Antioxidant-rich foods like oranges, vegetables, berries, and the likes are common in their meals. 

Excess sugar is a no-no in their diet. Sugary foods lead to a cortisol increase through glycosylation, where sugars weaken your collagen. Beautiful skin is born from inside out.  

You can follow the example of healthy people and eat more balanced meals, rich in healthy fats, greens, omega 3s, antioxidants, and vitamin C.  

Habit 4: They Hydrate and Protect Their Skin from the Sun 

Sun rays cause a lot of damage to the skin. One of the consistent habits of people with great skin is their religious dedication to sunscreen. Whether it be a cloudy or sunny day, you should wear SPF before you step out. 

The water content of your skin also plays a massive role in its glow and health. Therefore, it is the habit of people with flawless skin to drink lots of water and moisturize regularly (with the right moisturizer). Moisturizers help prevent the loss of water from your skin through the top layers. Our moisturizing cream restores your skin and helps you seal in moisture to keep your skin glowing.   

Habit 5: They Cleanse Their Skin Every Night 

People with glowing skin never end the day without washing their face. It is not only the sun that can damage the skin. The microbes and dirt that your skin gathers during the day can hurt your skin. Your makeup, oil, and other impurities can also clog your pores. 

Always take the time to cleanse your face every night before you sleep and every morning after you wake. Our foaming coconut cleanser contains non-abrasive cleansing agents, OPA Life, and essential oils. It will help you remove all impurities and give your skin a healthy glow. 

Conclusion (And One Extra Tip!) 

Flawless skin is attainable. All you have to do is have the right habits. If you can emulate these habits, you will begin to see changes in your skin. Ready to know the extra tip?

There is one thing everyone with flawless skin does – they use the right products! Our 100% natural products will help protect your skin and give you that glow and healthy look you seek.  

Give our products a try and see for yourself!

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Did you know, statistics show that between 100,000 to 200,000 animals die each year during animal testing? I'm sure you will agree this act is cruel to animals. Most of the time, people do not know that the products they use are tested on animals. Many also do not realize what animals go through during this testing process.


With a quick Google search, you will be able to find the devastating effects of animal testing. Although this is upsetting, it is good to be aware of it. And the good news is, we can help put a stop to this! Every one of us can do their part in changing the world. One way we can do this is by not buying or using products that are tested on animals.


The truth is, companies can test their products with cruelty-free methods that don't hurt animals. Testing on animals is entirely unnecessary. Most companies, however, decide not to use these methods.


A lot of producers prefer using animals because they believe it is cheaper. Research has now shown that there are many ways to test products without involving animals, which are faster and less expensive. Before you go through the checkout with your next skincare, health, or make-up products, think about these reasons why you should choose cruelty-free.


Eliminate Animal Cruelty

Animals like mice, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs are used for animal testing. These animals are subjected to harsh treatment by isolating them in cages and exposing them to cruel experiments. Some of them die during this rigorous process, and some spend a lot of time suffering.


It would put your mind at ease, knowing that the products you are using were made without subjecting any animal to cruelty. You will also discourage companies who produce using cruel animal testing methods if you stop using them. If everyone started doing this, producers would get the hint and be forced to change their practices.


It Is Safer For You

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it must be taken care of. When choosing a skincare product, it is essential to consider what will best keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Some of the ingredients in cruel products contain harmful chemicals to the skin.


Cruelty-free products are generally known to use safer and simple ingredients than those who test on animals. It cares for the health of all living things, which includes not only the animals but you too!


Animal Testing Can Be Avoided

People have a general notion that ingredients used for cruelty-free products are hard to find. This is just not true! Thousands of already proven ingredients can be used for cruelty-free products.


Companies who want to use new ingredients are not also left out as there are various non-animal testing methods today they can explore. So, there's no need to keep on subjecting the animals to product testing.


Numerous Cruelty-free Brands To Choose From

The number of companies switching to cruelty-free testing methods is increasing daily. This transition has brought about a positive impact on the quality of these products. There are numerous high-quality products you can choose from based on your skin type.


Different formulas have been formulated to suit different skin types. So when you go shopping, find the best cruelty-free products that work your skin.


It Is Safer For The Environment

Brands that test on animals make use of toxic chemicals. These chemicals make their way back into the environment, which causes pollution. Labs that test on animals produce carbon emissions and vast wastes that contribute to global warming.


Encouraging cruelty-free products is helpful both to living things and the environment. You can help preserve the planet by buying cruelty-free.


At Naturalrem, we are proud to say that ALL of our products are cruelty-free! If you want highly effective products for your skin that you can have a clear conscience about using, go to the product section of our website and take a look.

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At Naturalrem, we hate compromise. So should you. Avoiding certain ingredients and demanding outstanding formulas shouldn’t mean sacrificing in other areas – and we know lots of you feel this way too. 

That’s why our entire range is products are proudly vegan and not tested on animals.  

The reason why we ensure none of our formulators, facilities or sources of products test on animals is very simple. Testing on animals is cruel and it hurts animals. Our core beliefs at Naturalrem is that hurting animals and subjecting animals to torture is very wrong, and we will never enable this behavior.  


All ingredients we use meet the highest standards (EU GMP). All our products are natural, and our formulations are science based. Our focus on using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, partnered with our cutting edge, science-based formulations provide our product line with an elegance and effectiveness beyond compare. 


We have an increase in enquiries from vegans looking for suitable organic skincare. 


To ensure your products are all animal-friendly, look out for the following when scanning your ingredient lists. You will not find any of the following ingredients in any of Naturalrem’s products.  



All Naturalrem products are completely free from beeswax – which is somewhat unusual in the natural beauty realm. 

We don’t just leave out beeswax for the savvy vegan shoppers, we also leave it out because it’s not great for the skin. 

Beeswax is considered an animal ‘by-product’ due to it being the honeycomb created by busy bees. It is commonly used in natural cosmetics as an emulsifier or thickener – an ingredient that ensures the water and oil ingredients of a cream bind together. 

Beeswax also forms the basis of most balms, which create a protective barrier on top of the skin. Even though beeswax is a great natural ingredient, it is not absorbed well by the skin and can make face creams feel cloying and leave behind greasy residues. Because it can’t properly absorb into the epidermis, it can also suffocate sensitive skin and block pores. 

For these reasons, we ensure there is no place for beeswax in our products. 



Lanolin is an oily residue from lamb’s wool that is used in a lot of mainstream hair and skincare products for its moisturizing and emulsifying qualities.  

To keep true to our Vegan commitment, we do not use lanolin on our products. We use superior, vegan sourced alternatives. 



Vitamin A is great for the skin but it’s important to note that it exists in two forms. Retinol is the animal-derived form and can be found in products such as anti-wrinkle and eye creams.  

Naturalrem derives its Vitamin A and Retinol only from the best natural, non-animal sources. 


Lactic Acid 

This can be found in animal tissue and can be derived from milk. Lactic Acid is often used in exfoliators and even skin peels and can work well as a line and scar reducer. It is also used as a pH regulator.  

Naturalrem uses plant-derived lactic acid extracted from vegetables. 

All natural, highly effective is in our name, which means our product contain: 

  • No parabens 
  • No animal products 
  • No synthetic chemicals 
  • No inferior or low-quality ingredients. 

When looking for the best Vegan skincare products, look for Naturalrem. 

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