Introducing our all-natural spa collection

Introducing Our All-Natural Spa Collection

In line with our commitment to your overall health and wellness, we are happy to introduce our all-natural spa collection. These products were carefully researched and tested using our cutting edge technology. Naturalrem wants you to enjoy a wholesome yet natural spa day.

We have close to four decades of experience researching and manufacturing all-natural and effective products for your skin. Skin doctors have weighed in on the efficacy of our products.

Dr. Novins, a leading expert in Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy, praised our products for their collagen matrix stimulation activities. Dr. Braun, a respected cosmetic rejuvenation physician, praised our addition of retinol to our products.

We are dedicated to serving you better through the innovation of products to rejuvenate your skin. Our latest additions are to our growing brands are;

Our Salt Scrub

Our all-natural salt scrub is formulated from a blend of salts. This all-natural salt is fortified with Hemp extract so that you can reap the tremendous benefits hemp has on the skin. Our salt scrub gently removes the dead skin cells on the surface, leaving the vibrant newly formed cells on the surface of your skin.

The hemp soothes your skin, prevents inflammation, and relieves pain. Our naturally formulated salts do not contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin or cause complications.

Our Foot And Body Mask

Our mask will detoxify and hydrate your skin from inside out, leave your skin soft and supple. Foot and body mask removes the extra oil in our skin and improves pores’ appearance on the body. Our product is fortified with hemp to soothe and pamper your body and foot.

Our Massage Oil

Do you crave a massage? Do you desire the luxurious smell and silky feel of a quality massage oil? Naturalrem has the right product for you. Our massage oil was carefully concocted by our team of experts dedicated to wellness and health using natural and healthy products.

This massage oil contains hemp oil to soak your worries and pains away. The hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you feel calm, reduce pain, and promote relaxation. 

Our Bath Soak

The bath soak is all-natural with no chemical contaminants. The hemp extract in the oil makes it a perfect recipe. We can boast of the effectiveness of this soak anywhere. Try it today!

Our Apricot Scrub

Face scrubbing can easily change things for the better, especially if you have dull, dry, or an oily complexion.  Removing the dead skin cells that have built up on our skin will leave our complexion looking brighter and feeling smoother.

Our spa line was formulated to impress, while staying all-natural & cruelty-free!  

We offer white-labelling, wholesale, and bulk options. Although we do offer our products to the public, we also provide products to Spas, Skin Clinics, & stores. Not only will you and your clients fall in LOVE with these products, but you will also be thrilled when you see the competitive prices we can offer you.   

You can contact us at for more information, we would be happy to share our brochure of products with you. 

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