Brand Testimonial


Naturalrem's white label services have provided us with excellent customized one on one collaborative consultation using state of the art quality ingredients. Our personalized formulations combined with Naturalrem's unique process have proven to display great results. Combined efforts working to create and devise an amazing end product. Our customers have become repeat customers due to the effectiveness of our final product. Thanks to Naturalrem!

Jennifer Silvestri


We began working with Naturalrem in 2018. Their team continuously demonstrates a wide-ranging expertise and a professionalism which exceeds our expectations. Their products are top shelf and affordable, which has allowed us to build out and grow our brand around their offerings. Complimenting the strength of their products is the quality of their communication. They have made what could be a trying process easy.

We will continue to depend on the team at Naturalrem and certainly would recommend their products and services to any company in search of a white label topical provider.

Chris Kemp

Luff Brands

"We have been working closely with NaturalREM for a couple of years now and they have been great to work with - from development through to product launch and sales. The product is fantastic, their team is knowledgeable and always easy to collaborate with."

Phillip Campbell


When it came to the development and launch of our new line of feminine products, Vaginesse, we turned to Naturalrem as one of our trusted suppliers. We trust Naturalrem because of their great depth of knowledge and expertise, and because they always utilize top quality, natural ingredients. In addition, their professional team provides excellent support and customer service. We are very happy working with Naturalrem, and we appreciate their important contribution to Vaginesse's success.

Gloria Albarran

Active Releaf

We appreciate the hard work and dedication from the Naturalrem team. The quality product they put out speaks volumes as the company continues to grow. Producing all-natural high-quality products is something we strongly support and will always continue to do.

Allan Maclean

Customer Support